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Brian's life was worth celebrating, and now that we've had a little time to mourn, it's time for everyone who knew and loved him to come out and raise a glass with us in his honour.

Lucky Bar, Victoria, host of many years to Dr. Hendricks' student film festivals, has generously offered to host a celebration of Brian's life on Friday, September 19th, starting at 8pm.

Come by 9 for the Brian stories, stay to watch The Beauty of Certainty on the big screen. Everyone's welcome to continue the party after 10. We hope to see you there.

The Hendricks family

(and no, we won't make a habit of posting from Brian's account, we get that it's unnerving)

"If the universe is indeed 12.5 billion years old and the most you as an individual can hope for is 100 years, and there's more billions of years to come, the only victory is to live fully and completely, to be totally alive every moment you're here. Do whatever you can to make this planet less brutal and squalid. Ask questions that make a difference, work for justice. Make your short burst of life count." - Carl Sagan

Follow Brian Hendricks' Bliss at Lucky Bar

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